Mold Removal Services Safety Harbor, FL

Water Damage Safety Harbor is a premier damage restoration company offering reliable and cost-effective services for mold testing and mold removal. All of our experts are highly qualified and certified from the IICRC. Mold can be found in many areas of your home such as; attic, bathrooms, basement, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, garage, carpets and hardwood floors. Mold testing, evaluation and remediation all demand professional experience, equipment and a strong workforce. Our company is a well-recognized damage restoration company in Florida that takes pride in offering flawless mold treatment services using the latest and cutting edge technology.

Listed below is a list on how we test and treat mold growth:
•              Thorough mold inspection is done by thermal imaging cameras and other latest techniques.
•              Results are confirmed on the same day the inspection is performed.
•              Plan a strategy to attack on mold for effective restoration
•              Clean out the damaged area
•              Dry out the hidden moisture from walls, cracks and ceiling.
•              Clean and freshen up the area by removing the debris and spraying fragranced, eco-friendly fluids.
•              Sanitize the area with non-toxic sanitizing chemicals
•              Decontamination of the complete area in and out the structure to avoid any possible future mold growth.